El mercado de Yiwu, miles de oportunidades de negocio
The Yiwu Market, thousands of opportunities
¿ Cómo es el Mercado de Yiwu ?
Yiwu Market, the largest wholesale market of commodities in the world. The Yiwu market is like a permanent trade fair with a surface area of about 4 000 000 M2 and about 100 000 exhibitors. It was named by the UN, the World Bank and Morgan Stanley in 2005 as the "largest wholesale market for commodities in the world." Visit our Facebook page to view photos of the Yiwu Market. On an average day 40.000 persons visit the Yiwu Market, of which about 5000 are foreigners. Products from the Yiwu Market are exported to more than 200 countries. Yiwu is in Zhejiang province, approximately 3 hours train from Shanghai and by coach from Hangzhou and Ningbo. Yiwu airport has flights to 7 other cities in China. Considering the importance of this market there are considerable  obstacles to reach Yiwu as a foreigner. The main market is comprised of 5 interconencted buildings / districts. District 1- Has a floor area of 340.000 m2 and 9000 stands, here you can find :- Toys Artificial flowers Flower and garden products Jewellery and ornaments Frames Glassware and Ceramics Decorative Art. District 2 ( Zones F and G ) - Has a floor area of 600 000 m2 and 8000 stands, here you can find :- Umbrellas and sunshades Packaging products Bags and suitcases Electronic products Tools and ironmongery Locks Car Parts Kitchen Products Bathroom ware Telecommunication products Photography products Watches and clocks District 2 ( Zone H ) - Has a floor area of 46 000 m2 and 6000 stands, here you can find :- Sports products Cosmetics Glasses Zips Buttons and clothing accessories District 3 and 4 - Has a floor area of 1 739 000 m2 and 14000 stands, here you can find :- Knitted and cotton items (underwear, scarves, gloves, hats and Cotton fabrics) Shoes Belts Ties Towels Woollen products Lace products Industrial Textiles District 5 - Has a floor area of 640 000 m2 and 7000 stands, here you can find :- Bed ware Textiles Knitting supplies Car parts and accessories Can you trust the Yiwu Market ? This is the 64 000 dollar questions. This market has a bad reputation, there are many of stories of foreigners who have been deceived by local businessmen. Our Chinese staff are experienced in dealings and negotiating with business located at the Yiwu Market, ensuring that you receive the right products at the right price. Every week we are buying products from suppliers in Yiwu market, our experience is our guarantee. We can help you to confirm that suppliers can be trusted and can provide good products.