ZG Solutions HK LTD offers you a fast, efficient and economical service for your sourcing and production needs in China. We work just like an internal buying department, with total transparency. You are always have control and information of your dealings in China. Combining your home market knowledge, your products and our range of services, success in your business with China is assured.
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In China we source products at factory prices for you. Our employees are experienced in a wide variety of products from motorbikes to artificial grass, electrical appliances to furniture, tools to bicycles and many other products and commodities . Explain to us exactly what you are looking to buy and in no time you will receive detailed quotations.
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Business trips to China Whether you are visiting  factories or suppliers in China, visiting trade fairs like the Canton Fair or the enormous Yiwu market you can rely on ZG Solutions. We organize all the details :- we are with you from receiving you at either Hong Kong airport or any airport on the Chinese Mainland, right up to helping you check in at the airport when you are departing. We take care of the details to make sure that your business trip is a complete success as well as being a memorable experience.